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Cancer Treatment

Advances in cancer treatment have seen major steps in various kinds of cancers. Some areas have also seen a shift in how cancer is managed, and the best example for this is the targeted therapy use in order to treat breast cancer. This is a specific type of treatment is called adjuvant trastuzumab.
Due to said advancements, people who have cancer have been able to live longer and even get cured of cancer itself.
Let us look at some of the said advancements in detail.

Cancer Treatment


Instead of taking the generalized treatment of cancer where all kinds of cancer were treated with the same method, genetic types have found to have real meaning when it comes to finding a cure.
This is done mainly by finding problems in the gene structure. Finding clues and important cues in your DNA is seen as a way to check whether cancer can be treated or not.
The identification of cancer genes is extremely important in this method so that the type of cancer, the outcome, the kind of treatment or drug that needs to be administered and the positivity of the treatment can be determined.
Brand new treatments are being discovered on how treatment can be gone about when it comes to gene-based changes in cancer cells. A great example of this is the reduction in the production of certain genes in the body called BRAF which is responsible for melanoma in many. Treatment of melanoma, in this case, can be treated by administering drugs which inhibit the overproduction of BRAF such as dabrafenib or vemurafenib.


The immunity system is very effective when it comes to killing viruses, bacteria or cancer but the identification of cancer cells can be very hard despite the body’s best efforts. Hence, by helping the immunity system, combat said cancer cells, both the prevention as well as boosting of the immunity system is carried out.
There are many different kinds of immunotherapy that can be applied.
The antibodies made by the immune system are responsible for the identification of invaders such as bacteria or viruses, and by artificially identifying cancer cells, the immunity system can deal with cancer.
This can be done by creating monoclonal antibodies that can either find the cancerous cells or can work with the help of substances that can eliminate said cancerous cells. Antibodies find antigens on the invading cell and hence, eliminate them.


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